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God’s Hands At Work Zion Lutheran Church has a wonderful opportunity to help Orchard Center Elementary students. Not all parents are financially able to provide school supplies for their children. Every child needs to be able to start the school year with new supplies to encourage them to do their best. There are many low income students at Orchard Center Elementary and we can make an impact on their lives. Please, as you can, provide an item or two during the month of July to show love to the students in this school in Zion’s own neighborhood. Click to see the list and more info!

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Some of the items needed are:  Black EXPO Low Odor Markers (erasable for the white boards)  Water Colors – 30 sets needed  #2 lead pencils – dozens are needed  Small Elmer’s glue sticks – dozens needed  Colored pencils in package of 12  Boxes of Kleenex  Hand sanitizer or […]