During the month of May, God’s Hands at Work will be focusing on the Thrivent Action Project “Food Bags for the Homeless.” We will be collecting items to place in ONE GALLON ZIP LOCK BAGS for the congregation to give to the homeless in our community. These bags (First we need the gallon bags! 200 of them!) will be filled with the following items: bottled water, snack bars (with protein if possible), sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, safety razor, lotion (preferably in tubes) bandaids, shampoo, antiseptic cream and some kind of hard candy (like peppermint). The bags will be filled during VBS by the children and their leaders. Whatever items we do not receive by the end of May, will be purchased with the Thrivent Action Card of $250. This is an excellent chance for each family to receive a bag or two to hand out to a homeless person on a street corner and share the love of God with them. A devotion will also be placed in the bag. All or most of these items can be purchased at a Dollar Store. Thank you in advance for your help in feeding and caring for the homeless. If you choose not to purchase items, but make a donation, please give the money to one of the GHAW members. Your “God’s Hands at Work” team