Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded on November 28, 1948.  In 1950 the first building was built with the larger portion of the building added on in 1959.  There have been several renovations and improvements made throughout the years looking towards a commitment to education, worship, mission, and outreach.  A remodeled social hall, bride’s room, Sunday school rooms, ADA restrooms, and a welcoming community room, have fostered a feeling of warmth and welcome to all who come.

For over sixty years, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church has sought to serve God in this place. Much has changed from those post-war years when Zion got its start.  Community life, family life, technology and communication are quite different.  Church life has changed, too.  But at the core, the same gospel message calls and holds Zion together.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8


Gail Duba 2016-2018
Ladd Bjorneby  2007-2014
Shelley Bryan-Wee 1997-2006
Michael Harrington 1995-1996
Edward Milliken 1987-1994
Ken Carlson 1986-1999
Robert McIntyre 1984-1987
Joseph Walla 1979-1999
Steven Hokonson 1979-1983
Richard Mathison 1973-1985
Alvin Selid 1962-1972
Milton Linhart, founding pastor, 1948-1962