What will worship be like?
Our 9:00 service is more traditional, and as many Lutheran Christians do, we include elements of Catholic tradition.  The pastor will wear an alb (white robe) and there may be chanted portions of the service, which follows the traditional form of worship found in many Lutheran churches and in Episcopal and Catholic churches.  That form is called “liturgy.”

Our 11:00 service is more contemporary and less formal.  The pastor wears shirt and tie (often the only tie in the place) and the musicians that lead are casually dressed.  While we pause to reflect on our need for forgiveness at the beginning of the service and to hear the word that we are entirely forgiven, confess what we believe using the Apostles Creed and receive the gift of Holy Communion (Lord’s Supper) at most services, this service feels much more like other Protestant services.

In the summer we worship together using one or the other of these styles, or occasionally something different altogether.

How long is the service?
Zion’s services are an hour to an hour and ten minutes long, usually.  The sermon is relatively short, but there is a Bible Hour at 10:00.  Most Sundays that hour is taught by the pastor on some portion of the Bible or on a theme that considers the Bible.

What do people wear to worship?

Folks at Zion wear their good clothing but don’t especially dress up for worship. Jeans are fine.  In the summer, especially, people tend to wear what is comfortable, including shorts and sandals.  Wear what you would for a trip to the mall and you’ll be comfortable.

What should I bring?
You are encouraged to bring your Bible, but we also have plenty of Bibles here in classes and in the worship area.  Just bring yourself.

Are children welcome?
Children are always welcome at Zion, and there is a children’s message at each Sunday service.  Our director of Youth and Family Ministry usually presents the message to the kids.  In addition, we have a nursery staffed by a qualified attendant and at least one other adult, for those who choose to make use of the nursery.  No one will ask you to take your child to the nursery but anyone will help you find it if you want it!

Children are invited to attend Exploration Station in upstairs classrooms, taking place during each service after the scriptures are read.

Who may receive the Lord’s Supper? 
All who wish to receive the bread and wine (or juice) with God’s word, which we believe is the body and blood of the Lord Jesus, given for the strengthening of our faith in him, are welcome to eat and drink with us.  Those who, for any reason, are not ready to eat and drink are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing.   Coming with hands open means you wish to eat and drink with us.  Coming with arms folded across your chest means you want a blessing.  If you are more comfortable, you may simply remain in your seat until you feel more at home here.