Pastor Gail blessing

Pastor Gail Duba began serving Zion Lutheran Church in Nov. of 2015. Her installation on December 20 was a joyful occasion with many parishioners, pastors and friends in attendance. Since beginning at Zion, Pastor Gail’s priorities have been to provide a steady hand in pastor guidance—emphasizing the joy in being a Christian. She feels her gifts of reconciliation will allow both members and seekers to come worship at Zion to see what we have to offer as a church. Our traditional service contains the beloved liturgical aspects of Lutheran worship, while the contemporary service offers a way of worshipping God that is new and vital. Both are excellent and we hope you will find one that meets your needs.

Pastor Gail has a varied and interesting background. After graduating from Valparaiso, a Lutheran University in Indiana, she returned to her home state of Colorado to teach high school biology and science in Cripple Creek, west of Colorado Springs. After two years of teaching (her Mom’s career), she decided she wanted to follow her Dad’s footsteps into forestry. She earned a Master’s Degree in Forest Management from CSU. While in Fort Collins, she met her husband, David, who was at that time an ecologist working at his first job. They married in October and left 2 weeks later for the adventure of living in Saudi Arabia, as David had taken a 2-year position as a vegetation ecologist for the Saudi government. They traveled back to the States via Kenya, India, Nepal, Burma,Thailand & Hong Kong.

After returning they moved to Boise where Pastor Gail worked for the USFS and the Idaho Dept. of Lands and David worked as an ecologist for Morrison-Knudsen. David began medical school in 1984, attending the University of Washington School of Medicine. They have three sons, Jason, Kyle, and Forrest and a lovely daughter-in-law, Mary Emily.   The entire family likes to X-country and downhill ski, hike, backpack, bicycle, and walk on beaches.

Pastor Gail began serving as a Christian Education Director while they lived in Minneapolis while David completed his residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. They moved to Spokane 23 years ago for David to begin his medical practice. While serving at Christ Lutheran, Pastor Gail felt God’s call to ministry & enrolled in seminary. Her first call was to Central Lutheran in downtown Spokane. She then served for 7 years at Rockwood Retirement Community before accepting the call to serve Zion Lutheran.

Pastor Gail believes that Zion is an excellent fit and looks forward to the future. “Be careful how you live; you may be the only Bible some people ever read.”—William Toms once wrote. Pastor Gail endeavors to live life in that manner. The way of Jesus is an on-going journey where we allow God’s grace to fill us and give us strength and courage to reach out to our neighbor.   If we could all live by the Golden Rule as stated by Jesus in Luke “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” the world would be a more peaceful and God-centered place to raise our children. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said in his book The Cost of Discipleship “now we can understand why the New Testament always speaks of becoming ‘like Christ.’ We have been transformed into the image of Christ and are therefore destined to be like him. He is the only ‘pattern’ we must follow. And because he really lives his life in us, we too can ‘walk even as he walked, loved as he has loved, and forgive as he forgave. The follower of Jesus is the imitator of God.’” I pray that it may be so for all who worship and visit Zion Lutheran Church in Millwood, WA. Everyone is welcome here!

ThankstoGodPastor Gail